Thank you for your interest in fostering a WAES parrot!

WAES does not have a shelter facility — all WAES parrots waiting for adoption are in foster homes. The number of parrots we can help find new homes for is closely linked to how many WAES foster homes are available.

As a foster “parront,” you will provide a loving home to a parrot in need until a new forever home can be found. Additionally, if you’re thinking of adopting and aren’t sure a parrot is right for you, fostering is also a great way to get to know what life is like with a particular parrot before you make the commitment to adopt.

While a parrot is in your care, WAES will cover the cost of all veterinary care, and can also help provide quality food, cages, and other essentials if finances are tight.

You must be a current member to volunteer to foster. If you’re not a member, please fill our out Membership Application and pay your annual dues of $30 before filling out the Foster Application below.

    You must be a WAES member to foster. Please complete a membership application here. Once you have become a member, and paid your annual fee of $30, you can volunteer as a foster home for one of our parrots.