• Conure

Olive is a green-cheeked conure, DNA male, polyoma vaccinated, about 13 years old. He has had only one prior home.... View full description »

Adult, Male, Small
  • Macaw

Rose is a scarlet macaw, exact age unknown (probably 20 something). She is shy and takes time to warm up... View full description »

Adult, Female, Extra Large
Sunny & Pari
Sunny & PariSunny & PariSunny & Pari
  • Parakeet (Other)
  • Special Needs

Sunny & Pari are female budgies, about 18 month old. They are not hand-tamed but show promise with a little... View full description »

Young, Female, Small
  • Ringneck / Psittacula

Jade is a DNA male Indian Ringneck, about 26 years old. He enjoys just hanging out on his cage or... View full description »

Senior, Male, Small
Onion & Pineapple
Onion & PineappleOnion & Pineapple
  • Parakeet (Other)

Onion & Pineapple are female budgies, about 12 months and 18 months old They are not hand-tamed. They come with... View full description »

Young, Female, Small
Bo & Rainy
Bo & RainyBo & Rainy
  • Rosella

Bo & Rainy are Eastern Rosellas. They are beautiful birds, ages 3 and 2. They are hand-shy, foster mom is... View full description »

Young, Unknown, Small