Meetings and Events

July 14: Guest Speaker Emily Strong

Speaker: Emily Strong, Animal Behavior Consultant
Topic:  Grooming

Most people think of grooming sessions and vet visits as being unavoidably unpleasant, but that doesn’t have to be the case! We can train our birds to not only tolerate but actively participate in their own husbandry practices, which makes grooming and veterinary visits both safer and less stressful. In this presentation we’ll discuss the broad strokes of how to accomplish this, as well as the common training mistakes people make which leads so many people to believe it’s impossible.

You can visit Emily’s site here:

Upcoming Meetings

Our free meetings are open to the public. Come and enjoy our presentations, conversations with other parrot enthusiasts, snacks, and a donations table to benefit our birds in foster care.

Meetings held in:

Salt Lake County Complex 2001 S. State, room N1100 (North Building) Salt Lake City (Map)

Our Regular monthly Meeting is held the 2nd Saturday of every month excluding August at 7:00 PM. (Open to the Public and FREE!)

2018 Meetings:

  • Jan 13
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  • Aug picnic – TBA
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Also, WAES is collecting molted parrot feathers for The Feather Distribution Project. If you’d like to donate some feathers, please seal them in a ziplock (airtight) baggie and bring them to the meeting!

Meetings are held at the Salt Lake County Building 2001 South State room 1100 N Salt Lake City, Utah Click here for a map

Learn more about your pet parrot ~ Meet other parrot enthusiasts. Put some fun in your life. Numerous Parrots are being fostered by WAES members and good homes are needed for them. If you are interested in fostering a rescued pet parrot or would like to adopt one, please be sure to attend our meeting